Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eagerly betting on Fed. transp.$$, Walker hits hypocrisy peak

To worm his way out of the Wisconsin highway red-ink/pothole-pitted miasma which is of the Republican Party and Gov. Walker's making, our right-wing GOP Chief Executive, fake conservative and reckless road-builder piggybank says he thinks federal highway dollars not yet appropriated by the GOP-run Congress that won't spend a new nickel on anything will magically appear in huge numbers to fix Wisconsin's crumbling roads and bail him out of a stalled budget fiasco:
Walker in an attempt to jump-start budget negotiations between Assembly and Senate Republicans proposed lowering borrowing for roads projects by $200 million, down from the $500 million proposed in his budget. The deal also includes contingency borrowing tied to potential additional federal funds for interstate projects in southeastern Wisconsin, according to a letter sent Wednesday to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and Fitzgerald...
The Department of Transportation told the fiscal bureau it plans to seek a larger-than-usual $341 million in its annual request from a pot of redistributed federal transportation dollars, according to a fiscal bureau memo released Thursday by Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh. That's three times more than the average over the past five years and 11 times more than it requested last year.
This is the same hypocrite who:

*  Rejected federal Amtrak expansion funding.

*  Rejected federal health insurance funding, twice.

*  Rejected federal stimulus funding for Milwaukee County.

*  Rejected federal broadband funding.

But to get himself out of a budget deadlock with his 2018 re-election announcement hanging on the budget resolution, then bring on the federal dollars at 11 times what the state requested year.

Phantom budgeting.

Shameless, he is.

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