Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3,000 Foxconn jobs would not = 3,776 WI mfg. jobs lost in '16

Word is that Foxconn would initially shoot for 3,000 Wisconsin jobs - - more investment and inducement issues, here - - and that will help people and communities.

But if Walker shows irrational Foxconn fever symptoms. please remind him that Wisconsin lost more than 3,700 manufacturing jobs last year and he's still nowhere near meeting his 250,000 new jobs pledge which is now more than 2.5 years and tens of thousands of jobs behind schedule

For the years 2011 through 2014, Wisconsin added 130,153 private-sector jobs, meaning Walker fell short of his first-term promise by about 100,000 jobs, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages...
The fourth quarter numbers for 2015 and 2016 from the BLS show Wisconsin added 38,077 and 11,548 jobs respectively. The 2016 growth numbers were the worst during Walker’s tenure and the worst since the economy rebounded after the 2008-’09 recession.
In total, Wisconsin has added a total of 179,778 private sector jobs during Walker’s near seven years as governor, which puts him 70,000 short of the pledged 250,000 new jobs.

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