Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Foxconn visits Madison. Will its reps ask about moribund WI transit, rail services?

Media tracking Foxconn representatives and a potential decision to open a big plant in Racine County know the business's airplane has landed in Dane County.

This gives Foxconn an opportunity to raise with noted, effective transit foes and road-building budget bumblers GOP Gov. Walker and GOP Assembly Speaker Vos whether any of the Amtrak, commuter rail and transit coordination which could have brought potential Foxconnon workers, consultants and visitors to a possible Racine County site - - but which were blocked for ideological reasons by Walker and Vos - - can be put back into motion. 

Below - - Amtrak trains assembled in Milwaukee, then banned from operating in Wisconsin and connecting to a Midwestern network - - moved to other states.
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Jake formerly of the LP said...

And the flip side of the lack of rail transit is that more taxpayer dollars have to be spent on the we don't have, because we have a GOP leadership that won't raise the taxes to do it.

Oh, and how many other millions of dollars are we offering for Foxconn? Don't we deserve to know, especially given the deficits that we are already in?

Is the potential return in jobs anything close to what we're going to pay, and wouldn't we be better off investing in our transporation and education? My gut feeling is yes.