Thursday, July 27, 2017

About Walker's '18 campaign 'Foxconn' over-under

I'd mused on Facebook about guessing Walker's Foxconn over-under number through the November 2018 election because we knew he'd use the proposed deal to distract from his failed 250,000 new jobs promise that is 70,000 jobs and 2.5 years short of its January 2015 deadline.

Confirmed by Politifact.

But we'll have to adjust the over-under discussion since Walker's talking point drafters have him throwing out "Wisconn Valley."

Get it...Wisconsin...Silicon Valley...Wisconn Valley...where 'Valley' workers on greater Racine-Kenosha area farmland may produce LCD panels like the one below with residents ponying up local subsidies through local bonding?

However, with Silicon Valley's tech employment at more than 600,000, I'd say, Wisconn Valley...not

Anyway, Bloomberg News carries a reality-check op-ed which says, in effect, 'don't be conned' by the jobs the factory could create:

...the only way to make it viable is by keeping staffing low and leaning on automation to boost productivity. This LCD factory will be either labor intensive or highly automated. It can't be both...
Just this past year, Foxconn is reported to have pledged investments of $5 billion in India; $3.65 billion in Kunshan, China; and $8.8 billion in Guangzhou. It's too early to know if those sums will ever be spent, but including Wisconsin, the tally now stands at $27.5 billion of commitments. That's more than Hon Hai has spent in the last 23 years.
Terry Gou didn't get where he is today by blithely spending money on huge factories. Instead, he's learned to entice leaders into thinking big, and then letting them pay.

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