Friday, July 28, 2017

McCain joins John Roberts protecting people, key institutions

Not on their watches.

Not in their institutions.

That's what US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was saying when he cast the pivotal vote in 2012 that crushed the expectations of many conservatives, saved Obamacare and preserved its extension of health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans.
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Roberts wasn't going to allow the Supreme Court - - the Roberts court - - to be the American institution that callously inflicted pain on American citizens.

Likewise early this morning for Arizona GOP Senator John McCain.

The six-term US Senator, along with equally-principled GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski, (Alaska) and Susan Collins, (Maine), wasn't going to allow the body he reveres, its formality, rules and contemplative traditions hanging by a thread, to be the American institution that callously inflicted pain on American citizens.

The US House of Representatives can and does play that low-bar/lower-expectation role under the control - -  on paper - - under the Ayn Randian and robotic gym rat Paul Ryan.

But truth be told, the House is actually under the direction of rich ideologues like the Koch brothers and their dim bulb bellhops like Glenn Grothman, Louis Gohmert and the rest of Tea Party-cum-Freedom Caucus which boasts about against government power and taxpayer-supplied spending except when it comes to producing their pay checks and expense account reimbursements.

When put to the test, McCain and Roberts have shown they understood that people, especially those with the fewest resources and greatest need must in the world's wealthiest democracy have health insurance.

McCain and Roberts also understand that basic democratic institutions with uniquely American histories like the US Senate and the Supreme Court in which they are privileged to participate as public servants shouldn't be used as cudgels against other Americans with the weakest capacity to fight back.

I'm not saying McCain and Roberts are perfect or models of progressivism.

But let's give credit when and where it's due: millions of Americans have health insurance and medical care and a shot at a better life because Roberts and McCain stood up against the far-right when that was needed.

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