Thursday, July 6, 2017

Walker says 'liberal media' mocks his mockable social media posts

Walker and his penchant for posting boring, one-note pictures of his food and mundane surroundings on social media - - noted on this blog often - - gets a fresh mocking on

Not surprisingly, Walker screwed up his effort to come back with a cool retort by labeling the criticism as the work of "liberal media."

For those in the liberal media who don't like my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I have a simple response: Can I get you a beer?
Also: I read from time to time and it's an eclectic mix of  tech and trends and cultural news and commentary. 

Which some to a one-dimensional, 24/7 right-wing Republican is "liberal."

To which I say, fake analysis.

Plenty of his posts and photos on social media are definitely mockable.

Here's a sample of the kind of posting that is using to tweak Walker which I pulled off Walker's Twitter feed a couple of years ago. 

As I recall, it was a picture he took of his half-eaten Mexican food.

It's not liberal to wonder if it's really worth a Governor's sharing. 

The picture, I mean.
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Peter Felknor said...

Have you seen some of Walker's hysterical mailings? He's always going on about how "big-government union bosses" are out to get him. Always reminds me of the old blues legend about the "hellhound on my trail," except less plausible.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Still? Governor "Unintimidated" keeps trying the whiny victim routine? How weak-minded do you have to be to fall for that garbage from the Kochs' favorite puppet?

James said it best. He is a hollow man

Raven said...

PF> “Have you seen some of Walker's hysterical mailings? ... Always reminds me of the old blues legend about the ‘hellhound on my trail,’...”

Oh my goodness, you’ve pegged it! If you watch CW’s Supernatural, one premise is that a deal with the Crossroads Demon for whatever you want lasts ten years, after which the hellhounds come for your soul. Walker has had an amazingly and (until now) inexplicably successful political career since winning that special election to replace Milwaukee County Executive Ament in 2002; he won his first full term in 2004 before earning great disrepute, but it was only after his 2008 campaign that some corruption issues involving his hand-picked staff became public.

Signs of striking a deal with the devil then? In which case, his number’s up next year. Poor boy.