Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ex-state GOP state Rep. says WI roads are okey-dokey

Flat tireYeah, stupid experts, like everyday motorists, what do you and your friendly front-end mechanics and tire shop owners know, anyway?
Seriously, does former judge and GOP Assemblyman Mac Davis - - trying to drive home his anti-spending ideological argument against raising transportation revenue - - also drive a Mack truck? 

How else would he not feel the potholes, observing:

Though many apparently disagree, I am also unconvinced that Wisconsin’s roads are so terrible. Sure, so called experts and various organizations say we need more spending...I don’t drive on all of Wisconsin’s roads, but the ones I drive on are in good shape.
Also note that Davis weighed in after former State Assembly Speaker and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser jumped back into the spotlight - - hoo, boy, is the GOP starved for spokespeople relevance! - - to weigh in and go all-in against roundabouts, as if that were the cause or the heart or the substance of Wisconsin's transportation over-built, unfunded, special-interest infested major highway expansion problem.

I think these Republicans love the dangerous intersections roundabouts sensibly replace because the traditional four-way stop-and-go cross streets have the requisite right angles preferred reflexively by right-wing talk show hosts and right-wing xenophobes who view roundabouts as menacingly European.


Golden Eagles said...

The choker must be listening to Belling too much.Belling has a thang against roundabouts which are safer and less expensive to maintain.
Has anyone received a ticket for running a roundabout??

Man MKE said...

Of course Davis would think the roads are just swell, because he probably continues to live in and spend much of his time driving on Waukesha-area roads, where much highway construction has occurred in recent years thanks to that red county's burgeoning population and politically correct thinking. As for roundabouts: apparently they are too complicated for Walkersha motorists to negotiate. Right angles indeed are more simplistic and yet more wasteful of gasoline and time. Roundabouts? Aren't those inculcations of that whole circle of life idea in natural sciences? Bah, humbug! ;)