Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Are green cards for investment in a Foxconn-WI deal?

Though the controversial green-cards-for-foreign investments program known as EB-5 could expire September 30, it should be pointed out that SE Wisconsin is already a designated zone for the program which the business community really likes.

So it's fair to ask - - as I did yesterday about taxpayers' expected donation to the Foxconn deal which could be announced today - - will any jobs in a deal with the Taiwan-based firm go to people from outside the US in exchange for a Foxconn plant siting in Wisconsin?

The Trump family has used EB-5, and a related program to bring in foreign workers on temporary visas which Trump recently expanded even though he is purportedly the 'America First President.

And is close to Foxconn's founder, Terry Gou.

I've been asking questions about Foxconn Fever since July 15.

In other words, stay tuned.


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Where's the ethics? said...

Many area employers of low skilled workers use temporary help agencies to supply the labor force. We'll see how many employees would actually work for Foxconn