Monday, July 17, 2017

To close in on jobs' promise, Walker would give Foxconn anything

Basically, Foxconn would want the moon, the stars and everyone's first born, but remember that right-wing GOP Gov. and master of business stagnation Scott Walker is more than two years and 65,000 jobs short of his signature job-creating promise, so do you think he would hobble into the 2018 election having also failed to give Foxconn every imaginable incentive to bail him out of his stupendous jobs fail?

And as far as potentially transferring Wisconsin assets to Foxconn, Walker was given the right by the Legislature to sell any state asset, and cooperating localities could move land, water, power, infrastructure and other assets to the state to nail down this once-in-a-lifetime Blue Light Special.

But other states have even more generous tax waivers, givebacks, credits and other hard-dollar incentives than does Wisconsin, so Walker, despite all the personal, political and partisan incentives on his plate may, in the end, be outbid by other states which didn't have so many progressive vestiges ham-stringing this version of Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality,' private-sector servicing small no-government dream.

Foxconn is said to be considering a Michigan site along with those near Racine, and Madison, so note this recent news story: 

A new study  released today finds Michigan’s array of tax breaks and other incentives offered to businesses and developers in the state are generally well above the average in the country...
The study by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research found that Michigan's total incentives in 2015 were generally higher than its immediate neighboring states.
In Ohio, during the same time period, the value of economic incentives were 49% lower. Similar outlays in Illinois and Wisconsin were also substantially lower compared with Michigan, according to the study.


Anonymous said...

I believe he would give his first born to get Foxconn and maybe his second born. I guess we will be giving away Wisconsin land and money only to get nothing in return. I wish we had high speed rail.

Raven said...

Would anyone put it past Foxconn to extort every penny they can in goodies from Wisconsin and Michigan and Illinois... but then set up shop in Canada or Mexico?