Monday, July 24, 2017

Another hound death spotlights WI wolf-hound-bear cruelty

The WI DNR is reporting the death of a Redtick hound similar to this one
English Coonhound.jpg
which was attacked by territorial, den-protecting, predatory wolves.

The hounders are allowed to let their dogs chase and tree bears which cannot be killed until later this year; no doubt bait which can be legally put out now to fuel these training chases also attracts wolves - - making the one-sided wolf-hound confrontations which favor the bigger, stronger wolves and that take place far from the GPS-tracking hounders' vehicles more likely.

The Redtick hound death by wolves is third such death reported to the DNR since July 15, and a fourth dog was reported injured.

This off-leash harassment of both wolves and bears to which the blog Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin has repeatedly objected is permitted by Wisconsin law; the state also pays through a Wisconsin-only program to a hounder $2,500 for each dog killed by wolves during bear-chase training.

Payments are made to hounders who previously have lost dogs in this manner, and even to scofflaws.

Last year the DNR paid out nearly $100, 000 to cover such losses.

More here, including Wisconsin's approval of hunting 'training' using live, caged wildlife.

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Anonymous said...

Hounding needs to end. These hounds are endangered by their owners after having to live outdoors. A chained lawn ornament. This is not sport, it is legalized dog neglect, abuse, and dog fighting. Our politicians need to end this, ban hounding. This is not hunting and makes true hunters look bad.