Thursday, July 27, 2017

GOP governors credit Walker with creating extra 10,000 jobs

Walker is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, (RGA), so surely he and or his staff could have but didn't correct in today's RGA's Foxconn statement  this overstatement of the number of workers Foxconn "will employ." 
Foxconn Technology Group is pledging to invest $10 billion dollars in the state to build a new plant that will employ 13,000 new workers. 
The RGA then cites the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel [sic], though the newspaper correctly notes that Foxconn "could employ up to 13,000 workers."

One little qualifying word gets changed and Walker gets credited with definitely creating an extra 10,000 jobs.

Call it another "drafting error."

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Ned Nederlander said...

Should probably subtract the 5,000 (max employment during construction) of higher speed rail jobs that Walker flushed in 2010.