Wednesday, July 19, 2017

While Trump preens, Ryan schemes for dream Draconian budget

Yes, Trump tweets and bleats, flails and fails, but GOP House Speaker, self-loathing former Social Security Disability beneficiary, wine connoisseur and forever servant of Wall Street elites Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
continues to plot his dream: that decimated (save for defense boosts) federal budget which has been Ryan's long-standing sick dream, which Mother Jones says would bring about:
...a reduction of 42 percent. The House budget would decimate spending on national parks, education, food assistance, housing, basic research, transportation, law enforcement, the EPA, and more. 
Why? In order to fund a big tax cut for the rich.


my5cents said...

Paul Ryan is a sick, sick man. He is delusional. Does he know what that would do to the U.S. economy. Like Walker, he doesn't have a clue as to how economics works.

Anonymous said...

Worst yet he doesn't give a damn. As long as he protect his personal interests.