Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump extends climate denial, news mgmt. to Glacier Nat'l Park melt

Trump & Co,'s accelerating, ham-handed, counter-productive and brazenly-dictatorial news management isn't just about eliminating news conference, barring live White House briefings, barring journalists from official meetings, scrubbing public information from established US EPA scientific websites, firing an FBI director and warning special counsel Robert Mueller he could be next on Trump's obstructionist agenda.

On the same day that the USA Today papers are carrying a story about the impending disappearance of all 25 named glaciers at the people's Glacier National Park

we learned that that senior Trump officials pulled key Interior Department climate scientists from and banned agency social media coverage about a delegation visiting Glacier Park led by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Now the Trumpoididiots have a bigger story drawing more attention to the serious situation they hoped to deny and downplay:

As they say, the coverup is worse...

Top Interior Dept. officials ordered climate experts pulled from Zuckerberg’s park tour  
But days before the tech tycoon’s visit, the Trump administration abruptly removed two of the park’s top climate experts from a delegation scheduled to show him around, telling a research ecologist and the park superintendent that they were no longer going to participate in the tour...
And the Park Service’s public affairs staff was instructed not to post anything about Zuckerberg’s visit on its Facebook or other social media accounts, including sharing a Facebook post he wrote during the visit in which he registered his alarm at the shrinking glaciers at the park, according to someone with knowledge of the directive. 

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