Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ron Johnson: 'yes' to penalizing those with pre-existing conditions

No surprise: Wisconsin GOP US Senator and finalist with Ted Cruz for the coveted Capitol Hill title of "Coldest Human in the Congress" Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
again signals that he likes so-called health insurance plans which end mandatory Obamacare coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions that will drive up those persons' insurance costs. remarks quoted by a Washington Post reporter, Johnson appeared to signal he looks favorably on changes to the bill offered by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas...
Johnson made clear last month that he opposes preserving the Obamacare protections that bar insurers from denying coverage or charging people more based on a pre-existing condition.
In a New York Times op-ed, Johnson wrote that a key flaw of the previous version of the Senate bill was “it leaves in place the pre-existing-condition rules that drive up the cost of insurance for everyone.”
Johnson has shown a consistent lack of humanity, having already failed to help  child sexual abuse victims seeking settlements or assertive justice for a political staffer who informed Johnson she had been assaulted by an elected official.

So suck it up and prepare for bankruptcy, you Zika babies, Type I diabetes children, and others with any of a growing myriad of inherited illnesses, birth defects, auto-immune conditions or anyone with run-of-the-mill, later-onset heart, liver, and brain diseases, like Alzheimer's. 

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joerossm said...

Ron Johnson's phone number in Washington is (202) 224-5323. You could call him to remind him how BARBARIC the Cruz Amendment and Trumpcare are. Tell him to vote No.