Friday, July 21, 2017

WI GOP budget circus arrived, where else, in Sturtevant

So there was clueless, irony-laden WI  Gov. and re-election (as always) driven Scott Walker in the Racine County Village of Sturtevant - - where there is an Amtrak station from which he and GOP legislators barred upgraded connections and newly assembled-in-Milwaukee trains - - belatedly pitching a 'solution' to stalled state transportation 'projects and plans' that are FUBAR through over-spending he began backing in 2003.

My favorite part of Walker's 'solution,' - - which answers two questions about this fiscal 'conservative' - - when is borrowing not borrowing?, and when does Walker, who rejected federal funding for Amtrak, Medicaid, Milwaukee County infrastructure and rural broadband, grasp after federal funding?: 

Under Walker's latest plan, the state would not borrow any money for roads when the two-year budget starts. But the state would have the opportunity to borrow money later if the state secured extra federal aid.
I have no doubt that whatever Walker and his GOP legislators eventually approve will reduce state financing of basic health and social services, continue state starvation of transit, stick everyday Wisconsinites with some combination of higher taxes and fees while pavement-crushing big rigs evade their fair share of road maintenance reconstruction costs and the road-builders walk away with profit levels adequate to recycle some back to Walker and his legislative enablers. 
Additionally, thanks to Urban Milwaukee for reposting one of my recent Walker/Amtrak items.

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Anonymous said...

The trucking industry has been begging for fuel tax increases for many years now. They also have been pushing to stop politicians from using the Highway Fund as a piggybank for spending unrelated to highways. The amount of money paid by large trucks in taxes for roads is huge. Responsible people in the industry have been unable to find responsible people in state governments for many years now. Wisconsin, like most states, has been pushing their highways and bridges way beyond the lifespan they were designed for while they spent the money on other things. The industry already pays taxes based on mileage and those taxes would increase and supply money for infrastructure improvement if we raise the fuel tax. The idea that we need an additional scheme for charging by the mile is silly when we have one already that works if the politicians let it work.