Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WI CAFO manure issue reaches upscale neighbors

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy
Candid photograph of McCarthy wearing a green Packers polo shirt and white Packers baseball cap.
could throw a challenge flag that would land in Brown County court, at the DNR headquarters in Madison and beyond.

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Long-time Wisconsin clean water advocates in Kewaunee County who have been battling the rapid expansion of industrial-scale manure-producing feedlot operations known as CAFOs

a) have won a rare victory for clean drinking water, I noted earlier today and b) may find new support in neighboring Brown County where a CAFO's plan to store millions of gallons of manure threatens an upscale exurban housing development with some high-profile, media-savvy and well-heeled allies
Residents of a development off Lime Kiln Road are scrambling to find ways to keep a nearby dairy farm from building a manure-storage facility near their neighborhood of custom homes valued from $440,000 to more than $600,000.
Neighbors fear the farm could be allowed to store millions of gallons of manure and leachate at the site. Those concerns have galvanized a group that includes doctors, lawyers and the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Some barely knew each other mere months ago...
Among other things, the farm's neighbors worry about water quality. Manure from farm runoff has contaminated certain wells in parts of Kewaunee County.


Anonymous said...

I encourage you to read the Green Bay Press Gazette article on this topic. Right now every comment is in support of the manure pond. This explains why we have such a mess in our state, too many morons. Their logic is that the home owners should not have built in ag country.

We have one CAFO in our area. When they spray liquid manure it will smell for days. You want to hang your clothes on the line, forget it, they'll smell like s#!**. You want to grill out, forget it. We actually live on a farm, but do not expect it to stink 24/7 from the neighbor's farm 5 miles away. They spray in the river, in the trees, in the road ditches, etc. They spread on days when its going to rain, even though they are not supposed to. They massively over apply manure in easy to get to, but out of sight fields. They have been turned in to the DNR but have never paid a fine. The mentality is now, no fines just don't do it Tomorrow. I also should add, we have been here long before the CAFO.

Our property value has dropped, we need to pay to get our well tested every year, eventually it will be not usable, we drive down the road and get crap all over our vehicles, we can't enjoy the fresh air, and our river has weeds growing in it that have never been seen before. All this for a business that has flooded the market in order to push out the little guys.

So, to the idiots who support the manure pond in somebodies' back yard, why don't you volunteer your next door neighbor to be the cesspool??

Anonymous said...

This will be very interesting. Will GOP voters and donors get special treatment? Realize that DNR doesn't deny permits, they condition them so CAFOs can meet discharge standards. If this permit is denied, it will literally be the first. My guess is that some poor DNR permit writer is going to contort the rules just enough to condition this permit so that it isn't economically viable. I look forward to reading more about this story!