Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grating on American Again

Of course I believe Trump's White House when it says he knew nothing about the meeting his son Donald Jr. had with a Russian operative that had been a secret until recently so it lined up with a year or so of White House, campaign and family members' denials that such meetings or collusion had ever happened.
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Why do I believe Trump's version of the story and the one offered by the failing New York Times/fake news department??

*  Because there's nothing in his daily behavior to indicate he follows multiple issues minutely, especially when they are Russian-related.

*  Because there's nothing to suggest Trump frames or even imagines big, detailed matters in top-down, personal terms, so would never use phrases like 'my generals,' or direct "my top generals" to hand him a plan he could stamp his own on a sensitive issue like defeating ISIS

No evidence that Trump micro-manages the performance of people representing him, like media reps Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or various Cabinet members, like Rex Tillerson at State, who can say for sure they are not under the control of, say, a Trump family member like Kushner, or the boss himself.

*  So it's unfair to even suggest Trump might have known in advance or actually sent his son and son-in-law to the meeting meeting with a Russian operative.

Oops, correction needed, and my bad - - as I note this about Trump's management style and his reliance on key family members as the most touted subordinates - - in his own words - - from his book, The Art of the Deal:

Trump's three oldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — were key advisers during his presidential campaign, and Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner is an adviser in the White House. As he explains in "The Art of the Deal," Trump likes to work with family whenever possible. 
In a section about working with his brother Robert on an Atlantic City deal in 1980, Trump writes, "There is nothing to compare with family if they happen to be competent, because you can trust family in a way you can never trust anyone else...."
Working with family is also beneficial when coupled with his general management approach, which is having his people report directly to him rather than go through bureaucracy.
"In our organization, anyone with a question could bring it directly to me and get an answer immediately," he writes. "That's precisely why I've been able to act so much faster than my competitors on so many deals."
Your thoughts?, as I leave it to Robert Mueller to sort it out.

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TrumpJr-"I didn't know who I was meeting
Fredo-"No, I've never met Johnny Ola."