Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump's EPA enabling Chicago air pollution...reaching WI

This Chicago-area known air pollution outrage should be a concern in Wisconsin...
The pollution violations at Indiana Harbor Coke are serious enough that the company is on the EPA's watchlist of repeat offenders. Yet the agency has held off filing a lawsuit against the coke plant, and some current and former agency officials are concerned about an overall slowdown of enforcement by an administration that is pushing to cut the EPA's budget by a third, lay off thousands of employees and roll back its regulatory powers.
Because we're constantly told that dirty air along the Lake Michigan shoreline from Kenosha to Door County
Smoke stacks from a factory. 
drifts up from Chicago
Local politicians and business leaders long have claimed that Sheboygan's air pollution problems are not of its own making, but are caused by pollution from Chicago and other areas on Lake Michigan wafting northward, hitting Sheboygan hardest because it juts farther out into the lake than counties to the south. Environmental experts have acknowledged that is likely the case... 
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce [had said]..."For too long Sheboygan County businesses have been forced to take on an increased regulator burden because of polluters in other states and other counties." 

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