Wednesday, July 19, 2017

GOP shows its need for female leadership

Note the absence of women and minorities among the white male GOP Senate 'leadership' which routinely poses for the cameras (sorry, no John Thune, GOP Senator from South Dakota who missed Tuesday's performance) and which failed to resuscitate Mitch McConnell's doomed repeal-and-replace Obamacare scheme and foist a catastrophic substitute - - TrumpCare - - on a resisting American public. 

Note also that GOP female Senators effectively scuttled Tuesday's final repeal-and-replace maneuver - - not surprising given how pointedly misogynistic was the McConnell-Trump bill, with women Senators barred from the its secretive drafting, and its abolition by law of Planned Parenthood funding, and its abandonment of maternity care for women on Medicaid along with other punishments dealt out by those pictured above.

Maybe the GOP ought to turn over to female Senate members health care legislating which has been sabotaged by a toxic combination of traditional early 1950's GOP 'thinking' boosted by the harsher Tea Party mindset, as the female Senators seem to have taken control of the issue and have also said they want to work with Democrats to fix Obamacare, not erase it for a cheap political 'win'

And no, gentlemen, you do not get credit for wearing compensatory, colorful ties which only convey your priority for photo ops and stage presence, not fair and publicly-focused legislating.

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