Sunday, July 23, 2017

WI GOP cheated the public of fair elections, democratic government

Let's make a deal today and seal it with with Scott Walker's most dishonest talking point.

I will post for you this link to the Wisconsin State Journal's dramatic, documented account of how Wisconsin Republicans corrupted the legislative process through an unprecedented partisan drawing of legislative districts, or gerrymandering.

Using public funds.

To fix elections in their favor.

For at least a decade.

Employing secrecy and even the destruction of records.

To cement their ill-gotten partisan advantages, taint future elections and dilute millions of innocently-cast votes producing illegitimate outcomes through institutionalized cheating.

And to wield stolen power over state budgets, high-paying jobs, voting rights, public lands, wage-and-labor law, the people's waters, health insurance, food assistance and countless one-sided  and counterfeit decisions and policies that have flowed to every corner of the state and into every square inch of every home and business and pup tent in Wisconsin from the sewer that is and has been the GOP Walker/Fitzgerald/Vos reign of ruin.

I'll post more background for you through links to posts about the gerrymandering and the legal challenges - -  here, relatively recently to this 2012 post and this one as the GOP gerrymandering hit the courts - - and why it its finally before the US Supreme Court.

Your end of the bargain?

*  First - - Read at least the State Journal piece, remembering throughout Walker's dishonest talking point-cum mantra ever since and catch what's clearly a 'tell' in there when the word "cheat" so easily slips out of his mouth, since he knows that there was cheating afoot which he projects on to its victims

MoreWe made it easy to vote, hard to cheat in WI elections.
*  Redouble your efforts to vote this band of bandits out of office and make Wisconsin a democracy again.

*  The next time you run into any of the lawyers who have relentlessly stuck with this case - - Bill Whitford, Fred Kessler, Peter Earle and Jackie Boynton, with apologies to anyone I've overlooked - - thank them for their commitment.

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