Monday, July 31, 2017

Rushed Foxconn special-session set for 11 a.m. August 1

[Updated] The plan is to rush the multi-billion-dollar, law-bending and Foxconn subsidy package past legislators in a special session tomorrow.

Proclamations honoring retiring high school coaches or naming a new official state molecule can get more attention.

Here is the full text of the very complex bill, which turns The State of Wisconsin into Wisconn, Inc.

Here's one blog post with 14 items about many of the issues Walker wants the Legislature to either gloss over or ignore altogether, including long-standing state environmental standards, current law, Article IX of the Wisconsin State Constitution.

Oh - - and blindly forking over $3 billion.

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Anonymous said...

How will the local government (Racine or Kenosha) be able to handle the tremendous debt that TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) will add to their debt service? It was stated in a news report that TIF will be used for this company. Example on a smaller scale: In 2010 Wauwatosa's debt service was 35 million, in 2016 it had ballooned to 115 million due to TIF development. (source: Wauwatosa City Budget, all online)
Also no other businesses will build unless they are also given TIF Financing which has become a standard expectation of developers and businesses that relocate. This will add extra debt to these relatively small budgeted communities.