Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walker still posting pix of his half-eaten meals

Scott Walker was mercilessly mocked by Samantha Bee for his "horrifying" posts about the food he eats:
“To me, ham and cheese is something I have had for, boy, about 25 years. Two ham and cheese sandwiches most days, packed in a brown bag,” Walker said. “I’m just a normal guy.”
For Bee, this was anything but normal.
“Unless you are a koala bear, eating the same thing every day for a quarter century isn’t normal,” she fairly pointed out.
Noted earlier on this blog here.

And here:

But a check today of Walker's Twitter feed shows Bee's segment had no effect on Walker's Twitter feed or the feed he consumes:
  1. Pre-game at Jackson's with Tonette, Matt & Alex.

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Anonymous said...

Matt must be living at home and looking for work. Or should I say looking for a job? And when Alex graduates he will be unemployed too. I guess they can both work for Walker's 2018 campaign again.