Thursday, June 30, 2016

Manure spreaders also spread cash into Walker's campaigns

I've posted any number of items about the private-interest focus of Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce" Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - - one summary among many, here - - from the agency's loss of mission to its dismissal of clean water responsibilities to the damage it enables through minimally-regulated, expanding industrial-scale feedlots which overdraw the groundwater and pollute what remains.

But this headline and report by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is the most timely summation of the pollution which flows from the Governor's office through the DNR and right into people's land and well water in our fouled state.
Factory Farm Owners in Manure Case Gave Walker $30,000+ 
June 29, 2016
The owners of the factory farm that was recently cleared of violating state environmental rules for spreading manure gave more than $30,000 to Republican Gov. Scott Walker over the last six years. 
Earlier this year, Central Sands Dairy, with 3,800 cows, spread large amounts of liquid manure on 200 acres it owns near homes and a trout stream in the town of Grant. Some of it was spread even with rain in the forecast, according to Madison attorney Christa Westerberg, who contacted the DNR on behalf of area residents. But the Department of Natural Resources said the farm did not violate the law. Central Sands Dairy is owned by the Wysocki Family of Companies, which also wants to build a controversial factory farm called Golden Sands Dairy in Saratoga in Wood County.
Four years ago, rural Wisconsin got its first nasty taste of this intentional Walker/DNR approach:
A waste hauler avoids referral by DNR staffers to prosecutors for egregious human waste dumping near wells and farm fields. 
Turns out in Walker World if you're in that kind of trouble, it doesn't hurt to know the political appointees he put in charge of the DNR, or a well-connected sitting legislator, too,


Anonymous said...

No surprise that manure spreaders pass cash to our POS governor. They can't put feces and urine in our drinking water unless they have the same controlling Wisconsin government.

This is more proof that republicans cannot govern. They literally give you sh!t!

Anonymous said...

Soon to be indicted for real by law enforcement, Walker & his ultra-rightwing RepubliKoch cronies are already indicted by us regular folks opposed to their disgusting habit of taking money to let: Canadian pipeline companies,
American coal polluters,
tree-cutters, fracksand mine owners, game farm "deer lovers"
the 250 or 300 owners of tortured-animal-poop/antiobiotic-resistant-bacteria/bad-meat-factories
to spread foul corruption o'er the wildlife, land and people of this beautiful place formerly known as Wisconsin.

They're losing in the courts now and (still) on the run from justice after creating voter obstruction laws and rigged, gerrymandered districts (the worst offender of all 50 states, I believe) and conducting that illegal election campaign coordination with dark money groups when supposedly at "work", which I hope SCOTUS looks into....Have a nice independence day, looking forward to Walker's replacement.

Anonymous said...

They spent $111,000 on lobbying.