Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Walker's teachers=Packers analogy not meeting's worst aspect

Gov. Scott Walker habitually stumbles over logic and the English language, so it was no surprise that he got slammed for saying in Vernon County on Monday that if Green Bay Packers players can get rewarded for on-the-field performance, Wisconsin teachers should strive for merit-based pay, too.

This feeble effort to wrap himself again in Packer imagery only reminded people that players on a National Football League team enjoy premium salaries because they have collective bargaining and a strong union - - the very processes and benefits that Walker disrespected and crushed for public sector employees through Act 10, and similarly in the private sector through 'right-to-work' legislation and a related anti-worker bill he signed that reduced 'prevailing wages' on publicly-financed projects.

Seriously, the man is the master of unintended, self-destructive irony; his Twitter feed almost drowns in it.

But read to the last sentence of this account of Walker's foot-in-mouth fumble for this even more troubling detail:
Walker visited with about 50 people at the invitation-only listening session. Walker said it was the 43rd such session he’s held.
43rd private, off-the-record, by-invitation only event?

What we've got is a Governor who, on the one hand enjoys all the trappings of public service - - lakeside mansion, $12,000-per-month salary, super benefits benefits, security and driver detail, state airplane and access to the rich and powerful - - and, on the other hand mocks transparency by refusing to appearing at a genuine public events where he does not control the script or the news stories which follow.

His reticence is not because he's afraid of his own shadow.

He's afraid of yours.


Anonymous said...

Note how Walker's BFF Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn't call him out! Must have been too busy republishing his talking points as noooooze, proppin' him up, and distracting with a bogus PolitiFarce rating that lied about whether Wisconsin has more people employed than in the entire history of the world!

NOTE: All of the ridiculous cheer-leading mentioned in the above paragraph actually appeared in MJS since Walker tripped up on the analogy, but no meaningful reports of this story appeared at all!

Unknown said...

How he maintains any approval is beyond me. He lies, destroys and kowtows to the big boys. And, that doesnt even count his lack of any ability to think on his feet, create or synthesize. Yuck!

jack said...

I wonder what Scotty's salary would look like if it were based on merit pay. And how is that 250,000 jobs pledge coming along?

Anonymous said...

We saw how that turned out with his short-lived presidential bid. He barely opened his mouth during the debates and any time he did say something unscripted, it was stupid. Him and Ron Johnson...they run for political office because they can't do anything else. Someone puts up the money, tells them what to say and do and we all suffer.