Thursday, June 30, 2016

WI GOP, having slashed public school $$, spots opening for more

[Updated] Meet the Wisconsin Republican Party, and its leadership:

*  GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his gerrymandered, school choice pandering state legislative lieutenants and foot-soliders have already deeply cut public school funding - - here and here and in The Washington Post, here - - and have transferred millions of dollars of taxpayer funding to ideologically-aligned but not necessarily better performing private schools.

*  But wait - - there could more: Wisconsin's GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, having helped erase local control throughout Wisconsin - - from collective bargaining to water and land management to public employee residency, etc. etc. - - wants to capitalize on a spat over control of some Milwaukee Public Schools to justify even greater cuts in the state's biggest, majority-minority city and school system.

Listen to this phony leader from Juneau, Dodge County, lecturing Milwaukee:

"Unfortunately, I think the only hammer is, 'Listen, if you're not going to participate, if you're going to try to work around the law and we're going to end up in court over this thing, then you're probably going to see some significant reduction in revenue for MPS schools related to the opportunity schools.' And I hope it doesn't come to that, but I can see already that it's kind of being teed up that way," Fitzgerald said Thursday in an interview on "UpFront with Mike Gousha" on WISN-TV.
Picture of Senator Scott L. Fitzgerald
Yeah, that'll help the kids. Hammer 'em, Scott Fitzgerald - - keeping up with fellow low-information GOP legislators in the lower house, all in the party of Lincoln. 

Founded in Wisconsin. 

Big Fitz, Big Fail.


Anonymous said...

Fitz and Wanker have to beat down those uppity minorities in Milwaukee before a Federal Court throws out their gerrymandering. Expect major fireworks. FWIW: Demond Means is not to be trusted. He did not do the right thing, should never have gotten involved in the first place, and pulled-out of this charade in a way that will empower the retaliation.

He could have gone quietly. Remember, Means was the task force chair of Tony Evers sham "Achievement Gap" report -- meaningless tripe that whitewashed the biggest story in U.S. Education. Milwaukee systematically underserves African American children more so than any state in America and does it via economic terrorism in Milwaukee and other urban African American communities.

But Demond Means is fine with that too.

Anonymous said...

These guys are so into victim blaming. It's gross.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And while Dale Kooyenga threatens to take over MPS, Tosa schools (which Koo-Koo allegedly "represents") just got a $2.5 million cut in state aid, meaning a huge property tax increase is on the way.

These WisGOP slime need to be FIRED in November.

fixitman said...

Interesting that this thread should arise - just as Senator Johnson is attempting to remove voucher schools from their responsibility to accept disabled students: