Saturday, March 7, 2015

Will Walker puntificate on ethanol in Iowa Saturday?

[Updated from Friday, 2:32 p.m.] In a private room backstage right now, Walker is rehearsing his latest ethanol-related talking point which will include dodges, spin, word salad and escape hatches to big, bold  small, distracting familiar territory, like putting Putin in a headlock with one arm and smiting ISIS with the other.

Walker can't sign the 'right-to-work' bill until Monday his Koch and Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce allies are rushing through the Wisconsin Legislature he controls because he has a more important engagement this weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.

That's the day Iowans have their crucial "AG Summit," and where, we expect, Walker will have to stop punting on the ethanol mandate issue and either tell Iowans what they want to hear - - that he's all in on the big Federal government program that turns a lot of Iowa corn into ethanol as a gasoline supplement, or tick them off and oppose it on ideological, free market grounds that will please Tea Party voters nationwide and especially ranchers in Texas who want low-priced corn reserved for animal feed.

He likes to say he doesn't go to certain places to pontificate on certain issues, so punts them.

More than a month ago, in Iowa, he said he'd take a position on ethanol if (wink, wink) he ran for President.

Update: Note that Charles Benson did no reporting on the pivotal issue when he filed this gratingly sycophantic report from Des Moines Friday night.

It was a report that essentially recast a piece from the Journal Sentinel a while back that gratingly initiated the 'Walker-learned-lifelong-lessons' in small town Plainfield and in his father's church meme without enumerating them, or matching against obvious contradictions in tone, spirit and substance aimed at workers, low-income - - home-bound disabled, the latest example - - and big-city Wisconsin residents today.

But he's already said he was "the original Tea Party in Wisconsin."

So what is it? Ideology, or expediency?

Will the real Scott Walker ID himself?

Will Iowa be Walker's Waterloo?

He's already punted renewables, like solar and wind, and Amtrak expansion to Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

This weekend in Iowa, no puntification.


Anonymous said...

I have supported Walker so far but if he is for the corn ethanol mandate that will be the end of that. It would show he does not have the principals he said he has.

nonquixote said...

@Anony 1:40pm

What I don't get is how a person such as yourself and a group like the operating engineers or even the conservation voters who supported Walker ever thought you or they would be immune from being tossed under the bus.

What ever gave Walker credence for ever claiming or for anyone ever believing he had any moral principles at all to begin with? Help us understand please.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if he does or doesn't support the ethanol mandate? He changes his position as it suits him.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Koch entity Flint Hills Resources bought two Iowa ethanol plants from "Ag Summit" organizer Rastetter's Hawkeye Energy tells you all you need to know about where Gov Wanker is on this issue.


Anonymous said...

If only someone was around a few decades ago to care about the media and how they manipulate news stories. Kinda late now, but good to know some people are finally getting it.

wtmj4, wtmj-am, milwaukee journal sentinel, lee enterprises, Gannett, and clear channel are all propaganda tools that cast their disinformation and outright lies in different ways for different audiences.

What is most disturbing are not the lied in your newspapers, radio, and tv. More disturbing is that the entire rightwing noise machine has been positioning walker for a presidential run for years now. Does anyone rally think he earned his place as a media darling on his own merits?

The media is going to give us a choice between jeb bush or Scott walker while they take down Hillary Clinton on a wholly manufactured "scandal" about a private email system.

Of course, what they don't want you to know is that walker's email abuse was criminal and people were thrown under the bus and sent to prison to protect him.

This is more proof that the media's continuing love affair with walker is orchestrated and has nothing to do with his news-worthiness.

Anonymous said...

Charles Benson is a Walker lap dog. He lost what little credibility he had with his performance in the last gubernatorial debate. (You can add Ted Perry to that list.)

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Exactly, NQ. THIS is what it took for you to figure out this bum was up to no good? Open your field of vision past your own nose for once in your life

nonquixote said...

Thanks Jake,

I had to read your sentence twice to get that you too were speaking to anony at the top about looking past her/his own nose. ;-)

I really was hoping for a response to help us understand the attraction to Walker, from the horse's mouth so-to-speak.