Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walker's false energy statement at Iowa Ag Summit

[Updated] This quote by Walker at the Iowa AG Summit supplied on Twitter by a Wisconsin State Journal reporter on the scene Saturday on energy - - 
Walker on wind energy: "I want as many different energy options as possible as are out there."  
- - in support of his full flip in favor mandating ethanol as a fuel supplement is undermined by Walker's record, and is demonstrably false.

And needs wider circulation, because:

* In his first few weeks as Governor, Walker canceled the agreed-upon conversion of a coal-fired generating plant in Madison to biomass.

* He has actively blocked wind energy installations.

* His PSC appointees recently added new fees on solar energy installations. Note that it's part of a national trend pushed by ALEC and big utilities.

Check out this comprehensive piece about the issue in The Washington Post.

* His just-introduced budget ends funding for a new, cutting-edge UW-Madison renewable energy institute.

* His new budget would remove renewable energy goals from all UW system buildings statewide.

* His new budget deletes requirements that UW campuses support a host of energy-related research programs, scholarships, staff positions and related activities.


Nu Mil 3 Design said...

Owned by big money, Scott Walker does what his owners tell him to do.

For example, Walker's recent pronouncements on union busting, or as Walker calls it..."significant foreign policy" almost certainly come straight from the Koch bros and place him at the front and center of the current GOP clown parade.

Anonymous said...

By the end of 2015, Iowa will have about 6,400 megawatts of wind power capacity installed. Wisconsin will have about 600. All the new capacity in Iowa will come from wind rigs manufactured in Iowa. Manufactured in Wisconsin? Absolutely nothing. The Republicans decreed that Lake Michigan was dry land on the Milwaukee lakefront. They have also apparently decreed that the wind stops blowing on the east of the Mississippi river. The one thing you can count on in Walker's energy policy is that if the Koch brothers decided to invest as much money in wind energy that Warren Buffett is doing in Iowa, Walker would climb up to the top of the Capitol building, kick Lady Forward off into the middle of Main St. and set up a windmill himself.

nonheroicvet said...

"They call him Flipper, Flipper,Flipper faster than lightning" Remember that show?