Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walker to end 48-hour waiting period for promise expiration

Why not, given his sudden backing for tougher abortion restriction and distracting crucial right-to-work' legislation, and now his surprise support for ending Wisconsin's forty-eight hour waiting period to get a handgun. 


Anonymous said...

Well that will get a lot of those moron private-sector trade unions back on-board. As long as they can buy guns as many phallic symbols, they will forgive Walker for destroying their unions.

Wait until they repeal prevailing wages in government bids!

That race-to-the-bottom will ensure that contracted work goes to immigrants at poverty wages (likely undocumented workers that have no legal right to even come here to work).

This, in-turn, will lead to lower wages paid to private trade union (and non-union) workers in the private sector too.

The race to the bottom has begun! But at least those contruction workers, prison guards, and other pro-walker union folk can get their guns IMMEDIATELY!

MadCityVoter said...

I'm coming to think that any time Scott Walker states a position on public policy or any major issue of the day that follow-up questions need to be immediately asked regarding the period for which his statement is valid, any known expiration dates ("I recognize that terminating a pregnancy can be an agonizing decision that should be made by a woman and her doctor right up to the day after Election Day") or special conditions ("Of course I will negotiate with the public sector unions, unless I have enough votes in the Legislature to ram through a "budget repair bill" that deprives most State employees of their collective bargaining rignts"). An accounting of how much Walker is being paid to hold various opinions or uphold certain principles would also be very useful information for the general public to know, I believe...