Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walker practically begging media to report his secret email system

Walker calls the kettle black.

Route his secret router to Page One, as American Revival revives his operatives' work, on his behalf.

Good summary of the Walker secret system here.

His former Deputy Chief of Staff, Kelly Rindfleisch, is appealing her felony misconduct conviction that resulted from an investigation into politicking on Milwaukee County public time by Walker's top staffers, and she's the one who took down and packed up the secret router when stories about its use broke in Milwaukee media, with this penultimate headline:
Emails link Scott Walker to secret email system
Another long-time Rindfleisch cohort, Walker campaign veteran and Milwaukee County aide, Tim Russell, (l, below), purchased the Internet equipment installed clandestinely in Walker's County Executive office suite that was used to politick and raise campaign funds on public time.

Russell was convicted of felony theft with another Walker associate in the same investigation that led to Rindfleisch's conviction. In all, six of Walker's aides, associates or donors were convicted.


Anonymous said...

In 2011 it was possible to find credible reports online that Scott Walker had been mentored by Karl Rove. Remember, Rove left the George WALKER Bush White House to groom up-and-coming republican "rock stars>

Those stories seem to have disappeared, but it is obvious that Walker learned a great deal from Karl Rove.

You may also recall that Scott Walker brought in a Karl Rove protégé to be part of his administration.

Classic Rovian tactics include taking your biggest weaknesses and vulnerabilities and leading with them as if they were strengths. Scott Walker has mastered this.

So I understand you post and see why you blog about these things, but I am concerned that some of your readers are being mislead.

What on-the-surface appears to by hypocrisy on the part of Walker, is actually effective Rovian propaganda.

Walker's media allies will catapult this story and promote Walker as being "big and bold" for calling out Clinton. These same media outlets have been lying that all the John Doe stuff is over anyhow.

Walker inoculates himself against criticism over his use of private emails, illegal router, and avoidance of open records laws. He inoculates himself against being called out for the illegal way he and his associates used these private emails to campaign and coordinate donations on the public's dime.

The media that has published Walker's talking points as "news" for the duration of his time as County Executive and now Governor are not going to start telling the truth now.

Walker is entirely propped up with propaganda and this is just more of the same.

At the very least, this latest stunt enables Walker to shove his own criminality down the memory hole via misdirection. The media in Wisconsin, lead by the largest publications, will provide the cover here.

But more likely, this just continues to cause Walker's base to tune out and falsely believe, "both sides do it". False equivalencies are some of the primary disinformation tools used to pump up Scott Walker.

Walker is not "begging" anyone for anything. He is using the Rovian tactics he was taught. The media is not going to call out Walker's hypocrisy here. They are going to catapult his propaganda.

If we are going to defeat Scott Walker, we will have to educate people on how propaganda works.

In this case, Walker is focusing anger and attention on Clinton's legal, but disappointing use of a private email account.

In the process, the media is helping him avoid scrutiny for his own crimes with illegal private accounts.

Anonymous said...

People need to be posting links to articles on Walker's corruption on media in primary states. Inundate these sites with all the negative articles on Walker.