Monday, March 2, 2015

Walker again taking control of state agencies' hiring

Just imagine what Republicans would be saying if the headline and story read this way today:
Scott Walker Barack Obama budget gives governor president more control over hiring
And who remembers this 2011 story? 
Walker gives himself more power to fill high state jobs
You have to wonder how much power the GOP-controlled Legislature will grant Walker. He's already been given the power to sell any state asset and to approve - - with one exception - -  rules governing agency policy - - rules which have the power of state law and which had previously been approved or denied only after a public hearing before a legislative committee.

And speaking of Walker and jobs - - no, not those 250,000 private sector jobs he's so far behind creating that hardly anyone is counting anymore - - this job, a new senior advisory position he somehow could fund in his office for a senior state official, but which, so far, major media has not reported for more than three days.

In the context of Walker's expanding absences from the state, as well as his similarly expanding national traveling, speaking and deal-making, this hiring speaks volumes:

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Anonymous said...

So timmy russell and brian pierick are going to get cush gubbermint jobs again?