Monday, March 2, 2015

The most wonderfully revealing/disqualifying Walker stumble yet

[Updated] Walker has so talked himself into believing he is already the President-elect that he remembers to The New York Times those good old days he was Wisconsin's Governor. Our embarrassment is deep; his should be complete:
In an interview, Mr. Walker said he was unconcerned about the appearance of spending so much time and energy courting donors, noting that he expected to do plenty of retail campaigning in the months ahead. “Oh, I think along the way I’ll be at plenty of dairy events and farm events and factories just like when I was governor,” Mr. Walker said.


nonquixote said...

Sounded to me like an official resignation of the gubernatorial post. Becky's been on deck, bring her in.

First husband can have a private shooting range installed outside the mansion, or a trap house to launch biodegradable clay pigeons for rib-eye in the sky practice shooting.

Bout time for a couple of new characters to inhabit the palace.

Sue said...

Please don't say his embarrassment should be complete. It's way too early for that. Give him at least one debate before you check that box.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, when I read this, I was greatly relieved to find that he is no longer governor. Then I realized it was another gaffe. If he is elected President (for realz, not just in his imagination) he better hire a great interpreter who can accompany him to the microphone when he holds press conferences. His language skills are not so good.

my5cents said...

WOW! But, not surprised.

CJ said...

If you're enjoying his "when I was governor" statement, this might even bring you more joy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he quit. He is a male version of Sarah Palin.....talks like her, thinks like her, acts like her[self promoting],lets hope the same outcome!

Anonymous said...

The usual corporate shills are puffing up Scott Walker at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Politifact. They must have gotten their marching orders to start cleaning up Walker's massive number of FALSE to PANTS-ON-FIRE ratings.

Today, they "test" a meaningless claim about wealth concentration in the DC area.

Of course, they rate it as TRUE without any context and they refuse to consider how Scott Walker is hypocritically abusing that stat.

I won't link to the propaganda, but you can find it under the headline: Checking Walker's claim on wealth concentrated in and around D.C.

What MJS doesn't want you to know is that the wealthy people Walker is using to pretend to be a political outsider are actually the source of much of massive amounts the dark money he receives and illegally coordinates.

Nor does MJS want you to think about the hypocrisy of Walker calling out wealth in DC when he rakes in record amounts of millions from out-of-state multinational corporate interests.

Walker, who has spend his entire career on the public teat as a political insider, needs to cover-up the fact that he is a stooge for billionaires that control our country.

MJS wants you to falsely believe that Walker is standing up for the "little guy" and is running on fighting the billionaires that finance his political ambitions.

Shameless propaganda by Politifact, but they need to start rating softball statements and overlooking the way Walker is falsely proclaiming himself to be an "outsider" and "reformer" in order to make Walker look more presidential.

After all, their boy Scott Walker is running for president, for Pete's sake!

Boxer said...

Another 'W" by policies and inarticulate garble.