Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Massive Walker '16 staff shouts Citizens United $$ Play

Money for all these hires catalogued by The Journal Sentinel could only come from a very small network. American democracy and Wisconsin tradition, sold out.


Anonymous said...

Great, Scott Walker's biggest in-state enabler is demonstrating they are ready to get behind his presidential bid!

Thanks, MJS, for legitimizing Scott Walker's divisive politics for each and every office he has run for!

Anonymous said...

So why doesn't any of Wisconsin's media call out Scott Walker for his outrageous response to President Obama?

It is insane and a pants-on-fire lie to proclaim that, under his stewardship, Wisconsin is the very model of economic growth?

Why no honest reports that point out the true facts of how Wisconsin lags the rest of the nation in economic growth?

There are different types of lies: lies of commission and lies of omission.

We know that Wisconsin's media is willing to promote Scott Walker with propaganda. This lie of omission, however, tell the facts about Wisconsin's sluggish economy, is what enables Walker to grab headlines with his bogus reply to President Obama on the misnamed "right to work" law he just signed.