Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Irked, surprised by Walker's reversals? Read the record

Groups and mainstream media and even some GOP money-bags are getting an up-close look at Walker-the-duplicitous-backtracking-double-talker, and appear surprised.

An exception: Joan Walsh at Salon.com has Walker's flip-flop on abortion wonderfully reported.

However, we here in Wisconsin are not surprised, as situational, slippery parsing and reversing his supposedly-deeply held beliefs has been a Walker hallmark.

Check this record accumulated in fifteen minutes of Google searching:

*  More than five years ago, then Milwaukee County Executive Walker attacked on ideological grounds the Obama stimulus plan, then agreed his departments could apply for stimulus millions he wanted to fund County programs while taking similarly earmarked transportation funding.

A Milwaukee business publication followed the zig-zag:
Walker says he never said never about matching stimulus funds
* Walker loudly campaigned for Governor in 2010 on ideological grounds against an $810 million stimulus grant to build a fast Amtrak line between Milwaukee and Madison (and a train assembly factor in Milwaukee).

He succeeded in killing the grant - - and then tried unsuccessfully to get back from the Obama administration he'd been dissing more than $150 million of the funding after realizing the grant had covered improvements to the Milwaukee train depot and the Amtrak line from Milwaukee to the Illinois border which the Milwaukee chamber of commerce had supported.


*  Opposed all tolls or road use fees in Wisconsin, then later said, well, some lanes.

*  Has been on both sides of the stem cell research issue. Depends on which campaign is underway.


Anonymous said...

Walker was for Timmy Russell before he was against him.

Any truth that Timmy got to go with walker on the trip to England?

James Rowen said...

No. None. Bad, silly rumor.

Anonymous said...

nothing is bad when it comes to walker, he deserves everything he gets. including being called a liar.