Monday, March 9, 2015

Governor Walker disqualifies Candidate Walker

Candidate Walker rides talking points to most-excellent headlines in out-of-state media and bathes in local, fawning reports.

But Governor Walker is having a bad day here in Wisconsin because Candidate Walker has neglected the work back home.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a Monday front-page story detailing yet another round of broken laws, missing financial statements and internal disorganization at the state jobs agency Walker created and chairs to prove to donors and voters that he is a skilled, business-savvy Governor.

This is a story Wisconsin has been reading about for years - - public loans not tracked, grants given to ineligible companies, funding showered on Walker donors, taxpayer money spent on perks and gifts, and so forth.

The PolitiFact service also gave Walker another "false" rating for misrepresenting on Fox News tuition rates at Wisconsin state colleges.

Take a look at Walker's entire PolitiFact history.

"False" is his #1 rating, with very few "true" statements by comparison. In fact, his "false" and "pants on fire" ratings are a fraction from triple those rated "true."

Walker likes to call his record big and bold. How about small and false?.

At some point media nationally have to close the gap between Candidate Walker and Governor Walker or they risk misleading the public by omission about who and what Walker really is.

There is much sham policy and propagandistic fraud in both the Walker governorship and the national campaign he's spun out.

No one is spared - - not even the home-bound disabled.

What better day to begin a tougher and focused analysis than today, as Walker tries to steer the narrative his way by signing the 'right-to-work' bill in which he he'd feigned disinterest during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign?

And take a close look at the carefully-constructed photo op his handlers put together for the bill-signing.

Yes, he has his silly sleeves rolled up, and his media team stuck the word "Freedom" in the picture as a Tea Party shoutout on public time, but what caught my eye was Walker front-and-center in a big group of all-white, mostly male big shots.

America, 2016?


Anonymous said...

That picture screams, "ok you dunce, pass your homework back to the person behind you". He's seated at the little kid's table!

Anonymous said...

The most interesting side of this is that it's in a private factory that has out sourced jobs to Mexico. BADGER METER JUST HAD RECORD PROFITS EVEN THOUGH 100 OF THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE UNION and the owner was threatening to either close or open another plant in Mexico. So what RTW obviously does is give Badger Meter the "FREEDOM" to bring Mexico wages to the local plant or lower wages at the local plant. Apparently the latter plan will be used as the owner said RTW will allow him to increase the work force which must mean new workers if not all workers will now be paid less than before RTW! THIS LEGISLATION WAS SO POPULAR THAT IT COULDN'T BE SIGNED IN A PUBLIC CEREMONY WITH LOTS OF WORKERS PRESENT. Nor were any questions allowed. How do Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald sleep at night after they continue to screw the average citizen of this state?

MadCityVoter said...

I keep on looking at that huge pile of pens, and wondering how much that represents in $$$ from owners, investors and ideologues, the only people who could possibly benefit from this bad, bad bill... except for the Governor who sold it to them, of course, at the cost of worker democracy and prosperity in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:43 PM, you know darn well that they sleep on big mattresses stuffed with Koch Brothers money. They could not care less about the average citizens of Wississippi-- that's not where the $ is.