Thursday, March 5, 2015

GOP Assembly in WI agrees to not listen for 24 hours

Republicans running the State Assembly will be texting, napping, playing "Angry Birds" or just sticking their fingers in the ears during a hearing for the next 24 hours before robitically-approving a bill that will reduce private-sector wages.

This show hearing will complete Scott Walker's 2010 "dividend-conquer" capture of labor which he promised to his largest donor (see video).

After swearing for several years that he had no interest in even seeing the bill reach his desk - - "a distraction," was his 2014 campaign spin, Walker has announced that he will enthusiastically sign the measure after returning from a Saturday event in Iowa where he is also busy manipulating an even wider swath of voters.

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Anonymous said...

He is a despicable liar. I would be very careful about his making the U W system a public authority. He cannot be trusted and especially since he gets to appoint all but two of the regents that oversee the authority. This should not be in the budget along with all the other deceptions that are involve but should be a stand alone issue so that it can be examined publicly. In fact a commission should evaluate the entire proposal to make sure it indeed does benefit higher education and it is not another entity that Walker controls for personal or political gain.