Saturday, March 7, 2015

Golf fading, but WI DNR pushing new course near Sheboygan

Take a look at this national piece about the decline of golf - - and ask yourself why (short answer, Walker in servitude to big donor Herb Kohler) - - has the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources created an internal team assigned to help plan, facilitate and promote a new, high-end, privately-owned golf course proposed in a Lake Michigan-hugging nature preserve that will be de-forested, paved, fertilized, drained and otherwise 'groomed' - - along with 33 acres of a state parkland given away to the company in a $1/yr. 99-year sweetheart lease?

The company has begun its own PR blitz, releasing consultant data about economic benefits and jobs, though as I read this account, I see no guarantee that construction jobs will be local, will pay workers the so-called prevailing wage (another plan under attack in the Legislature as we speak), etc.


Debbie Desmoulin said...

Thank you James Rowen for bringing this to light. It's outrageous that this forested nature preserve which is a haven for the diverse plants, trees, and local wildlife could be destroyed because of Kohler's powerful influence, but extreme shortsightedness. The environmental damage that a golf course requires is already distressing, but to place one in such a sensitive environmental corridor next to Lake Michigan is unthinkable.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your continued support.