Friday, March 6, 2015

As Wisconsin rightists celebrate 'right-to-work' labor beat-down...

Your "original Tea Party" Governor Scott Walker - - when he returns from Iowa this weekend for a brief stopover in Madison to sign the ALEC/WMC-inspired wage-depressing anti-union bill he'd said (wink, wink) would never reach his desk - - will prod the Legislature to get on with his budgetary surprise upending and privatizing of home health care for the disabled, deleting science positions, citizen oversight and a host of preservation programs from the DNR, and trashing the UW's historic outreach mission on top of a $300+ million, 13% budget cut and positioning the campuses for layoffs, diminished reputations and economically-weakened home communities.

All by the self-proclaimed "midwestern nice" Governor.

There will be no mention in the coming days and weeks of his failed, promised plan to create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin, and also no mention in official Walker announcements or promenades across various conservative stages that his ALEC/WMC/Koch brothers-serving employment policies will further guarantee the addition of low-wage jobs that characterized his first term, data show.

Walker '16.

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Anonymous said...

His disastrous budget now has to be the focus of letters to the editor in all the local and weekly newspapers across the state. Something that all state residents need to know early as 2016 many corporations and wealthy individuals will effectively pay no state income tax. It will be possible for some earning $2.5 million to pay less income tax than a full time minimum wage worker. Also by 2017 debt service will eat up 23 cents of every transportation revenue dollar collected because of Walker's continued borrowing.