Friday, March 6, 2015

Another day, another Walker budget surprise

More major policy shifts are found in the Walker budget; today's discovery was his surprise move to phase out the long-standing plan that integrates Milwaukee-region schools and offers cross-district choices known as the 220 program.

This Journal Sentinel story doesn't suggest a task force or education summit or broad group of stakeholders suggested it.

Just more pay-back laid on Milwaukee from Walker-on-high.

The move would shuffle many millions of state dollars now flowing to Milwaukee and some suburban districts to state education programs statewide, so another win for out-state red communities, and a further removal of resources from Milwaukee Public Schools already weakened by state voucher transfers to parents of children in private and parochial schools.

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my5cents said...

From what I read in the Racine Journal Times yesterday, the same thing is happening with vouchers in the Racine Unified School District. The story said the vouchers would be accepted in Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Burlington, and Kenosha school districts. More financial destruction to area school districts. If the story is true, it won't just be Milwaukee that gets hit with that budget proposal.