Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On GOP WI Sen. Neal Kedzie's 2015 Departure

In pre-Walker days, Kedzie, from Elkhorn, was a moderate and environmentalist, but after Walker's ascension in 2010, Kedzie veered to the right by praising Walker's values, supporting wetlands filling, playing along with secret redistricting, backing iron mining up North in the Bad River watershed and taking a leadership role retaining Native American school names and mascots.

And yet after his retirement, his seat will be filled by an even more rabid right-winger from somewhere in his southern Wisconsin electorate, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Good riddens Jacka$$, Plenty of nuts to take his place no doubt!!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't smell right. He just announced that he would seek re-election about 10 days ago. Sadly Walworth County has little history of electing a Democrat. You are correct...Kedzie made perhaps the most severe right turn than anyone. He sure turned against the environment for Walker and the DNR when for years he branded himself as a friend of the environment. Amazing what political pressure can accomplish to completely change an individuals orientation and integrity.

Anonymous said...

He was suffering from the effects of Alberta Darlingism.