Thursday, May 8, 2014

Former Utah GOP Governor Wants GOP Action On Climate

John Huntsman, Jr., right on climate, right on the money:

Republicans need to get back to our foundational roots as catalysts for innovation and problem solving. The country is already on a positive trajectory, with 2012 greenhouse gas emissions down 10 percent from 2005 levels. What we need to do now is what we have always done well: combine our ingenuity and market forces to lock into that trajectory. As Teddy Roosevelt teaches us, it would be foolhardy to undermine the environmental richness that will serve to empower our future generations.
From Scott Walker, nothing. For three years and counting

And while the Journal Sentinel puts a link to Huntsman's op-ed in a solid editorial calling for action, the editorial board asks nothing of Walker.

This is the second recent Journal Sentinel editorial about the need for climate change action - - but without prodding Walker.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The JS team is probably aware that trying to get Walker and the Republican legislature to act on this issue is a lost cause. They knew what they were pushing.