Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Waukesha Seeks Federal Subsidy For Great Lakes Water Diversion Scheme

Wherein conservative, Scott Walker-friendly Waukesha - - where federal government bashing is boiler plate politics - -  kisses the hand it usually bites.

As it has since it began it's slow-motion pitch for Lake Michigan water.


Water Lily said...

Duchniak's and Reilly's time--and City of Waukesha taxpayers' money--might be better spent putting some science and sense into their diversion crapplication.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't racine just send Walkersha pee?

The joke would be on them!

Anonymous said...

Waukesha doesn't need Lake Michigan water. The water utility consultant has documented that the deep aquifer is no longer being drawn down and is rising.

Are Mayor Reilley and Dan Duchniak going to mislead federal legislators to ask for federal money based on false and misleading outdated data?