Saturday, May 31, 2014

WSJ Does Not Like SKW BS

Seems the Eagle Scout's too clever-by-half denial of selling out his friends is disliked by his VIP media pals.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has once again spanked Gov. Scott Walker for allegedly contemplating a settlement deal with John Doe prosecutors. 
The conservative newspaper labeled Walker's response to its earlier warning shot "disingenuous" and "the oddest reaction." (Search online for "Walker's Too Clever Reply" for the new editorial.)


Anonymous said...

Who'd a thunk it. Scott Walker's name might be added to the list of RINOs exiled by the ideological purists: Dale Schultz for objecting to the right of mining companies to write legislation, Mike Ellis for objecting to public funding of private schools, and now Walker for putting his political survival ahead of the cause of eliminating John Doe investigations of political corruption.

Anonymous said...

But, unlike Walker, Schultz and Ellis had noble reasons for their actions.

Gareth said...

I think WSJ and the Club for Growth are really concerned about the John Doe being closed out with Walker's cooperation, thus losing the opportunity to take the Federal case all the way to the stacked Supreme Court, or the Prosserized Wisconsin Supreme Court, and elicit a decision that will rule any regulation of political money unconstitutional. This is their big chance to pave the way nationally for a new era of massive legalized bribery by the oligarchs.