Friday, May 9, 2014

WI GOP Lawmakers Hit Lobby Law Superfecta

Wisconsin Republican detail-deficient legislators 1) hastily loosened a lobbying campaign spending restraint so they could get more cash and quicker, 2) but ended up only making a prohibition tougher, 3) agreed they goofed up, but 4) are told, no, the provision is crystal clear - - by lead sponsor State Senator and Glenn Grothman impersonator Mary Lazich.

All found in the truly wonderful, end-of-week, only-in-Walker's-Wisconsin story, here.

As the long-ago-departed Wisconsin State Journal columnist and sage Roundy Coughlin would have said, "what could be more fairer?"

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Anonymous said...

I think that in the current Wisconsin Legislature, too many Republicans sign bills they haven't thoroughly reviewed (i.e., if it was introduced by a Republican, I can just vote yes). Either that, or ALEC got the wording wrong when they drafted the bill . . .