Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walker Tells College Grads Not To Fear The Unknown

At least in that hardly original message he didn't tell them to keep their promises.


nonquixote said...

From the MJS article:

"If you want to do well in life, you have to do good for others," Walker said at Friday night's graduate commencement exercises inside the school's field house.

Walker has chosen to do good for his cronies, the 30-odd political appointments to formerly more non-partisan state government department heads, to big business in the form of tax breaks, gutting environmental regulations, and pulling money from the general fund to keep the road-builders "gainfully," employed.

There you go, honor your mother's advice. Never mind that Walker is directly responsible for 671 otherwise preventable constituent deaths this year in refusing to take Federal money that would have helped these people receive needed medical attention.

Betsy said...

He desperately needs to find someone to give him an honorary degree. It would be just fine with me if he stopped doing all of his so-called good works for Wisconsin. Perhaps he could be convinced that he has done enough for others. Time to think of his family and all that money he could make somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Do good for others? Like "dropping the bomb" on Wisconsin citizens? Or his joke about "top ten ways to tell you might be a public sector worker" (digitally recorded, no less!) By "others" his mother must have meant wealthy donors/puppeteers.

Boxer said...

"Don't Fear the Unknown" is just the long form of "Unintimidated".
I wonder if he mentioned how easy it is to be unintimidated when you're sitting in the back of a squad car, surrounded by state troopers with guns at the ready, just itching for one of those protesters to get out of line.