Thursday, May 8, 2014

Randa's Ruling Echoes Report Failing WI Judicial Ethics

[Update: Randa goes to war with US Court of Appeals on Walker's behalf. Wow.] The expanding breadth of a biased judiciary is threatening the legitimacy of law and fairness in the State of Wisconsin.

Just days after a national report failed the Wisconsin Supreme Court for an absence of ethical standards, US District Court Judge Rudolph Randa saved Walker's political career by ordering the destruction of evidence gathered by state prosecutors looking into whether Walker's 2012 recall operatives wrongly colluded with major outside funders.

Recent US Supreme Court rulings have empowered wealthy donors who already had enjoyed weighted influence in the political world. And we have come to expect that those types of donors control our state supreme court to both push a conservative, self-interested pro-business agenda and help Walker and his allies whenever possible.

But we are really in trouble if influential donors are freed by federal courts from inquiries into whether they are following the few remaining rules that keep them from outright purchase of governance.


Anonymous said...

This is simply unbelievable that it is now illegal to investigate possible wrong- doing in our election process. What has this state and country come to. I had always held that our judicial branch was our final hope against corruption by the other two branches...but no more! So much for checks and balances.

Anonymous said...

Have you been reading any of this?

What part of this are you confused about?

Issue advocacy? Express advocacy?

The difference between the two and how the campaign finance laws apply?

It’s sad that you can’t get your gray matter to function outside of the partisan filter you’ve suffocated your mind with.

At least I know that if this had happened to your side, I’d side with the law and not my desire to defeat you.

Your inability to reason and the inability of Chisholm and company to comprehend this is quite chilling.

I wouldn't trust you guys to run a food court let alone a court of law.

Jake formerly of the LP said...
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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Anon 4:34pm- How is the weather in bubble-world today?

Spare us the parsing and the spinning BS. If it walks like a crook and squawks like a crook, IT'S A CROOK. And you don't get to hide who you are and duck taxes when you're "advocating".

Anonymous said...

Are we talking parallel points to the issues of executive order?

You can't throw stones if your house is glass.

Anonymous said...

I think Anon434 is violating my free speech rights.....quick somebody help with a law suit ....I was issuing not advocating for THE DOE PROBE!!!!!