Friday, May 9, 2014

Writer Dom Noth Suggests John Doe II+ Is On Horizon

Interesting thesis in his blog posting:

Now, depending on court results, they [the right] could be open to something the lawyers who brought Randa into the case wanted to prevent – a sweeping nationwide probe of coordination with Walker’s campaign of third party money from states and residents far away. 


CJ said...

One can hope.

Gareth said...

I have been assuming that the big reason that all of the first John Doe emails haven't been released is that within them lies the evidence upon which the second investigation was launched. Now that Judge Randa, in his Federalist Society wisdom, has ordered a halt to John Doe II, I don't see why the emails can't be released. After all, the investigation is over, right?

Or, perhaps they will be entered into the Federal record to demonstrate that the prosecutors' appeal is not frivolous.