Friday, May 23, 2014

Of Double-Standards And Mutual Interests

This is a moving feature piece in the NY Times about overcoming ethnic slurs in modern America.

But as I asked the other day, and not for the first time - - why does the NFL tolerate and help market the name of its Washington DC pro football franchise that is racist slur against Native Americans.

And why did the State of Wisconsin, with the signature of Gov. Scott Walker and the support of a majority of the Legislature, use the law to help local school districts retain images, logos and nicknames that degrade Native Americans?

It's an appropriate topic to consider over the Memorial Day weekend, as Mike Wiggins Jr, the Bad River tribal chairman reason in a guest posting yesterday:

        Trust responsibility puts forth a covenant between governments that recognizes the importance of homeland as a necessary foundation for existence. Drinking water, clean air and food are the driving forces that our homelands produce for the web of life, including citizens.

The United States interest thereby becomes the Bad River Tribal Nations and vice versa as it pertains to survival and health. Treaties and trust responsibility cement the formality of this mutualism between us.

Our anishinabe ogitchidaa (warriors, veterans) serve as a prime example of where these interests become one. During times of War, Native Americans always had the highest percentage of service per demographic group. In short, when the United States is threatened, Anishinabe Ogitchidaa have always been there in force.

Our veterans who serve believe in their Tribal Nations, believe in the United States and believe in freedom. Our veterans who sacrificed all believed in the possibility of a good long life for those they loved and ultimately a better World within their Nations...

Trust responsibility, the transfer of Spirit with the bigger U.S. Nation, and our Ogitchidaa…..tell me that the words “national interest” translate to the United States and the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

It is in everyone’s interest for our Nations to protect our homelands and our people's.

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