Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wisconsin's Supreme Court Stuck In the '50's

Much of the country is embracing a tolerant, welcoming approach to human relationships and same-sex marriage - - and thus to equal rights, too - - but the Wisconsin Supreme Court is looking backward.

It's more than possible that the US Supreme Court will overturn the state's constitutional ban on the matter, as it has done with other states' similar prohibitions, but what a lamentable position for a state with a corroded progressive tradition that still maintains Miss Forward as a symbol atop the State Capitol.


nonquixote said...

Miss Forward still there, James, don't give them any ideas for further changes.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This can be turned into a positive by the Burke campaign, as she can make it clear that only by electing Dems can you get the road to marriage equality paved in Wisconsin.

Based on Walker's waffling answers in the subject, he knows the only way out of his trap is for marriage equality to become legal through the courts. And if the WMC judges won't do that for him...ruh roh!!!

Gareth said...

Meanwhile, Judge Randa is looking forward -- forward to his next Koch funded junket:

Federal Judge Who Halted Walker Dark Money Criminal Probe Attended Koch-Backed Judicial Junkets