Friday, May 23, 2014

Glenn Grothman, Campaigning, Announces 24-Hr. Hold On Campaigning

The West Bend, Wisconsin State Senator, Kwanzaa-hating, caulking expert and misogynistic Tea Party candidate for the Congress of the still-united United States of America gets ink for his Congressional campaign by announcing a Memorial Day hold on campaigning. Though he will walk in a parade, he further announces.

Yes - - nothing says 'Out of respect, I'm not going to campaign for a day' like telling reporters about your non-campaigning campaign plans.


Anonymous said...

Writing as a vet, I'd like to say - thank you. It's a nice gesture, to be remembered that is.

Glad I still have private insurance through my employer though.

Anonymous said...

If Grothman was really doing anything out of respect, he'd stop running in the human race, a race he opted out of some time ago, but hasn't admitted it publicly yet.