Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Data Shows Walker's Job-Creation Crash

There's no way Walker or any of his apologists can find enough lipstick for this pig:

Figures submitted by the state to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show Wisconsin added just over 28,000 private sector jobs in 2013. 
It’s the lowest rate of growth for the state since Walker took office, bringing the total number of job created during the governor’s first three years in office to just under 92,000. That’s less than half of the 250,000 private sector jobs Walker promised to help create while running for governor in 2010.
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Anonymous said...

the direct link to the press release is here:

note that the nugget about how few jobs created isn't in the headline.

Paul said...

Nice pig drawing James - did you do that yourself ?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

In fact, Jim Doyle's final year in office (2010) had better job growth (1.50%) than ANY of Walker's 3 years. And 2013 had the lowest job growth of them all- after tax cuts were passed.

We may not even be halfway to 250,000 jobs by Election Day 2014, with major budget deficits exploding in 2015-17. Total failure

nonquixote said...

The question yet to be asked is how many people have dropped off the official "unemployment," roles totally and have run out of benefits and have quit seeking employment through official channels?

I see that possibility as the only explanation for a one tenth of one percent drop in the unemployment figures which the Republicans are quick to be touting.

Anonymous said...

250,000 should have been there just from weak expansion and population growth; so it was always a "no effort" goal. So not achieving it really says that his policies have been a drag. It felt like a fool's game to let him earn political advantage for promising very little. If he is permitted to walk away from his failure to meet even such a weak goal, then that will be a political failure of his opposition.

Anonymous said...

Factor in these jobs numbers with his borrowing and we find that he is borrowing money and increasing state debt at a far faster rate than he is creating jobs. That should bode well for re-election. When is the media going to start getting the truth out to the public instead of headlining his failures with crap such as "Unemployment Rate Drops." Of course the rate will drop as many of the unemployed are no longer getting unemployment benefits so they don't show up in the stats....but they are still without a job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this line of ineffectual and inconsequential fact finding going to impact the undecided in the November election? I think not.

Mary Burke needs to campaign with Scott Walker, not against him.

If Mark Burke were to take a stand against government unions and one-up Scott Walker by proposing to ban them altogether, she might pick-up some votes.